Imagine all the people sharing all the world.


Two brothers form a pyramid out of damp sand, while toddlers poke holes in the side and call them windows. Once the peak is finished, the young ones leave to swagger in the tide, and the oldest stays to change the sculpture’s shape into a man’s head. Seaweed becomes long hair. The sand man resembles John Lennon, with white roses for eyes. Gulls dive close, but are after our crackers and peach pits.

Jenna Beaulieu

About Jenna Beaulieu

Jenna is a writer and fine art photographer who recently moved from the Saint John Valley region to the quiet side of Mount Desert Island. She’s a fan of excellent music, homemade gravy, and colored pencils (also, short books and long books, good pens, flannel, and when the June bugs don’t really come out much that year). For more about Jenna and her work, visit her website at