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Author Joseph Conrad’s Wife Published a Cookbook

the conrads

Tin House recently published a beautiful illustrated edition of “Heart of Darkness,” a Joseph Conrad novel in the 20th century literary canon. Joseph Conrad, though long passed, is no stranger to publication, and his name has been part of literary conversation for the last 100 years, when his novel Chance thrust him into the mainstream in […]

Easy Food: Five Ingredient Flatbread


What’s flatbread? It’s pizza without sauce. Maybe not, but that’s what it is for me. The common word is that it’s a very basic bread made from flour, water and salt. However, fresh or frozen pizza dough (not pre-baked) works just fine in my kitchen. Whenever I have pizza dough in the fridge or freezer, […]

How’s about a yummy breakfast?

yummy breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, I have great intentions that don’t seem to pan out. Even though I determine almost every night to eat a good-tasting, healthy breakfast the next morning, it’s quite difficult for me to make breakfast for myself. I’m a morning person, but I prefer to spend my early morning hour writing, […]