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Island Weather is Wackadoodle

Sand Beach wave

Forecasts said high was 71 for the past few days.They’re wrong, because it’s been much hotter. The weather-folk seem hesitant to revise their claims. In downtown Bar Harbor, sweating people drift down towards the pier licking wet ice cream off a cone. Sand Beach isn’t crowded. Tiny sand, seashell fragments, follow me home on my flipflops. […]

ACF Committee votes Ought to Pass on Right to Know about GMOs

ld718 news

Interested in whether or not Maine will require labels for genetically-modified organisms (GMO)? Here’s news: On Tuesday, May 21, the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee (ACF) voted “Ought to Pass” after a final review of language in LD 718: An Act To Protect Maine Food Consumers’ Right To Know about Genetically Engineered Food and Seed […]

Maine farmers can feed Maine kids

maine farmers

I love a good story. Especially those that are true and heartwarming and told in a half-hushed voice over a hot beverage. I heard this story about Maine farmers feeding Maine kids, from Chris Hallweaver of Northern Girl Growers. Northern Girl processes local produce and distributes bags of vegetables through Aroostook Foods of Caribou and […]