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Corn Free: An Interview with Maine writer Caitlin Shetterly regarding her GMO corn protein allergy

Caitlin Shetterly is more than a writer from Portland. She’s a writer with a unique ailment who, in ELLE magazine’s August issue, used her communicative abilities to tell her story to a large audience.  In reading Shetterly’s feature, I was impressed with her personal tenacity in seeking relief from her ailment, and though happy she’s […]

Easy Food: Five Ingredient Flatbread

What’s flatbread? It’s pizza without sauce. Maybe not, but that’s what it is for me. The common word is that it’s a very basic bread made from flour, water and salt. However, fresh or frozen pizza dough (not pre-baked) works just fine in my kitchen. Whenever I have pizza dough in the fridge or freezer, […]

How’s about a yummy breakfast?

When it comes to breakfast, I have great intentions that don’t seem to pan out. Even though I determine almost every night to eat a good-tasting, healthy breakfast the next morning, it’s quite difficult for me to make breakfast for myself. I’m a morning person, but I prefer to spend my early morning hour writing, […]

Go organic, local grown: almost a thousand words about this picture

I took this picture at the Commonground Country Fair in Unity this past September. It was a perfect photo op. I mean, come on now – vegetables with kid-size head holes on top? A great message bannered above them? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. (Why do I feel like George from Seinfeld used to awkwardly say […]

Maine farmers can feed Maine kids

I love a good story. Especially those that are true and heartwarming and told in a half-hushed voice over a hot beverage. I heard this story about Maine farmers feeding Maine kids, from Chris Hallweaver of Northern Girl Growers. Northern Girl processes local produce and distributes bags of vegetables through Aroostook Foods of Caribou and […]