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Love to read? Ten Books about Food and Farming

For book and reading lovers, winter seems the season most conducive to marathon reading sessions. Yet somehow, during the summer months, those who love reading draw out little bits of time to lose themselves in the written word. Summer months are typically active, dynamic, and border on chaotic. There’s always a book though, to help […]

Easy Food: Five Ingredient Flatbread

What’s flatbread? It’s pizza without sauce. Maybe not, but that’s what it is for me. The common word is that it’s a very basic bread made from flour, water and salt. However, fresh or frozen pizza dough (not pre-baked) works just fine in my kitchen. Whenever I have pizza dough in the fridge or freezer, […]

Daikon fettuccine: a healthy alternative to pasta

Update on 1/20/2013: A wonderful reader named Naran sent me a kind email and told me about a possible side effect of eating large amounts of daikon – it acts as a laxative! For this reason, I suggest daikon pasta as a side dish; I’ve dropped the serving suggestion from a cup to a half-cup.  […]

Go organic, local grown: almost a thousand words about this picture

I took this picture at the Commonground Country Fair in Unity this past September. It was a perfect photo op. I mean, come on now – vegetables with kid-size head holes on top? A great message bannered above them? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. (Why do I feel like George from Seinfeld used to awkwardly say […]