Orange you glad the sun sets so marvelous?


I’m not the only one impressed by the sun’s daily farewell blaze. Children point the sky out to their father, delighted in its pink and orange coats of paint. “Look! Look at it – the colorful sky.” Thin clouds hold their water and the stars will be out soon. Constellations will emerge as the sky’s […]

Ground level at a congested area


There’s an entrance to the Carriage Roads on Eagle Lake Road, and a yellow sign facing each direction of traffic warns that it’s a congested area. I notice that, in addition to cyclists, walkers, and cars, turtles also try to use that area as a crossing. I found three crushed shells within a couple hundred […]

Freedom on Frenchman Bay

Moored Boats on Frenchman Bay

Happy Independence Day from Frenchman Bay. Moored boats bob near a four-masted schooner, while orange ferries transport passengers back and forth from a mega cruise ship that’s hanging out near the Porcupine Islands. Along the Shore Path, a father asks his teenage daughter to stop and smell the roses, and she puts her phone in […]

Island Weather is Wackadoodle

Sand Beach wave

Forecasts said high was 71 for the past few days.They’re wrong, because it’s been much hotter. The weather-folk seem hesitant to revise their claims. In downtown Bar Harbor, sweating people drift down towards the pier licking wet ice cream off a cone. Sand Beach isn’t crowded. Tiny sand, seashell fragments, follow me home on my flipflops. […]